Single Colour Entrelac 

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Knitting etc.

One of things I have been working on is entrelac – after I finally managed to be able to do this stitch pattern I have done so much of it. It is so versatile and good for prividing tension and I am always trying to keep a nice tension to items. 

I have done plenty of multicolored items which provide more dramatic results – but I really like these single color ones (with highlight) lately. It just seems like you see the stitch and the change in direction better – the color change can distract so much. I like both, there is just something about the simplicity of the lines.

It kinda reminds me of this bridge.

It is a fairly new one in my city and there is just something about the lines of it. It is mostly just concrete but there is just something so pleasing about the lines of it. And it is below the traffic (rare here), closer to the river below and in a natural area. The blending of the traffic noise and the beauty of the area away from the city centre makes it its own little world with all these beautiful lines – both of the new conrete of the new bridge and the old metal train bridge beside it. 

For anyone interested in seeing more of my knitting – I have shop on etsy


It is amazing how once it has become warm again any temperature below zero can feel so cool. And as it feels like winter, I will share one of my warmer projects. For this one I wanted to do an illusion knit, but something simpler and a pattern that would hide better. I also took inspiration from the two tone projects that seem popular at the moment where there are stripes and a new colour is substituted when the one yarn runs out.



IMG_0980 IMG_0979   IMG_0977

This is a illusion knit I made for a friend, each part of the blanket was intended to represent a part of his personality. Some of them might be a little hard to read in the pics.

In the bottom left it say “Jesus loves you but I’m his favourite”, at the top there is the Arsenal logo along with a quote from the Canadian prime minister “This is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression” – which of course was not an expression before he said it – I wonder if it was intended to sound like commit suicide – as if to actually think through our actions in Canada would be tantamount to killing ourselves (this tends to relate to criminal law – bringing in mandatory minimums etc) – but perhaps this is just me overthinking and giving too much credit to whoever ‘discovered’ this expression.

On a lighter note on the bottom right is a picture of the grey cup (our national football trophy in Canada).

This winter has been a rough one, adjusting to a new job, and leaving the student life behind (which I have been in for so long).

But as the snow melts the dark starts to fade. Whatever else, there has been plenty of knitting, and yarn – now that I have discovered ordering yarn from yarn paradise in Turkey – well, I think I have bought almost as much yarn in this last year as I had in the rest of my life. I added it up the other day – 36 kgs of yarn! And beautiful yarn – wools (alpaca, merino, even some cashmere with silk) I could have just not been able to afford otherwise. I have been super in scarves in the last few months. For now I am just enjoying creating and the production is building up.



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If I had one wish, at least today, it would be that new jobs were not so stressful!

Whenever someone asks me how my new job is going I say “it will be good in a couple months.” Which I think is accurate, I just wish I could be there now.

But in the meanwhile, on to more enjoyable parts of my life.

My illusion teddy bear is almost done!


And from the ‘hidden’ side:


And my etsy store is now up (and since down – might try again next year)

And lots more in production!


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The last few months have brought a lot of changes to life. I defended my thesis, which was a wonderfully affirming experience, much more than I would have expected. And a month after, a new job which is about as close to a dream job as one could be (I think I just have quite a few dream jobs).

In my wondering about how long it would take to get a job that suited me, I decided to open an esty store (which is still not actually up yet). The picture above is one of the first pieces I felted for it (it has already gone to my mom – which is a nice combo of getting the design tested so I can improve it and beautiful enough that she wanted to take it home). It is similar to one I made her at Christmas, but some playing around definitely lead to some improvements.

The store was half trying to earn some money and half taking a chance on myself. And now is that I just love to create and I want to share that beyond my families and friends and it is just so good for the creative juices. I was shopping in a store yesterday which clearly was not going to have my size and it was nice to just be inspired by the lines of the clothes instead of exclusion created by the process.

And a few more picture of what is coming in various felted/unfelted stages:





Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

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I have been trying a low FODMAP diet lately (it’s to reduce symptoms of IBS and other stomach ailments). And it makes me feel really good but it is really restrictive. And left me dying for a good burger – but there are a few problems – no ketchup (had no idea how important that is), no wheat bun and no onions.

First I trying making buns with non-wheat flour and wheat gluten (the problem is the sugars in the wheat not the gluten – so I figured why miss out on the good part?). It was my first try and they were no stellar, okay, but not stellar and with no ketchup – it just needed more.

Clearly it needed a good amount of tomato to make up for the lack of ketchup and some kind of dressing/sauce – so I came up with this and it turned out super yummy.

Greens & tomato
-then grind sea salt & pepper and drizzle balsamic vinegar & olive oil over

Old cheddar – shredded over top

Bacon – I barbecued and cut up and put over top

Burger – basic homemade patty

I just used a fork and knife to eat it and tried to get a little of everything in each bite.


I don’t seem to be able to escape my love of illusion knitting lately! This blanket was inspired by friends from China who will soon be having a little one. I was having a terrible time trying to come up with a design, I wanted to go with a Canadian feel, but have something of their heritage in the blanket too. So when I found how well the red and yellow of these yarns went together (and after lots of website research to try and make sure I wasn’t making a misstep on colour choice) this idea just kinda blossomed. I really like doing my baby blanket on the diagonal and so I decided to go for a picture of a teddy bear illusion knit diagonally. Graphing that has definitely been a whole new challenge, but so far, appears to be working out.